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What People Are Saying:

“Take this class!! Even if you think you won't need it or that you can get the information elsewhere, this class had an amazing set-up that really guided me through the whole process of becoming a traveling therapist. I don't know how students go into traveling therapy without this course! I am very thankful and relieved that I'm able to have this course to guide me!”

Bailey C, SPT

“Before starting, I was stressed about the cost of the program. As I continued through the course I kept thinking to myself, 'Man, I am so glad I did this!' I feel much more educated on how to best navigate the travel therapy world; equipped with the tools and resources I need to put myself in the best situation I can as a new grad. I have absolutely no regret with this decision I made in purchasing this course.”

Sara T, SPT

“My biggest concern is being a new grad and being thrown into a complicated world of travel therapy. This program has given me the knowledge and confidence to succeed as a new grad traveler. I feel so much more prepared to attack traveling head on. Beyond the lessons, the handouts and worksheets alone are worth it.”

Cheyenne A, SPT

“This online course was the BEST online course that I have taken, by far (and I have taken many). The small class size allows for a more intimate session with Jess and Gabe. You could tell that they genuinely cared about the participants understanding of the material and were motivated for all participants to become the traveling therapist they saw for themselves. The lessons were organized, with an incredible amount of resources, all to help get you started on the journey to become a traveling therapist.”

Dylan S, SPT

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Ready, Set, Travel Online Course and Mentorship Program $497.00 USD
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Due Now $497.00 USD